Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Growing Pains

I find that my desire to grow requires change--but I hate change.

I find that my desire for more wisdom requires trials--but I hate trials.

I find that my desire for greater degrees of holiness requires time--but I hate waiting.

The spiritual growth we desire as followers of Christ is not something we reach out for in vain. It is something which the Scriptures show to be part of God's will for our lives in Him. It is His will to sanctify His people. But that doesn't mean He does it overnight, and it doesn't mean He does it without messing with things (with which He is completely allowed to mess).

Looking back at the various changes that have occurred in my life leading me to where I am today, I can see--though only in part--how God used those changes to shape me and mold me in a progressive fashion toward a perfect reflection of His Son. And though I believe that Scripture does not teach perfectionism, I do believe that the Holy Spirit's work, which begins with the conviction He brings, continues on as long as we live.

Yet, I must remember that much of the work God does in His children is established in the valleys. In the seasons of life where we know we live in a way that effectively makes our "Christianity" a facade for fleshly desires. In the times when, though we do live more like Christ by His grace, life is still filled with pain. In the tears of our spouse, our children, our friends. God works at all times. But it's harder to acknowledge in the worst of times.

May we be hopeful in the promises of our faithful God who, in His perfect wisdom, often strengthens His people through the change--not in the absence of it.

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