Monday, February 18, 2019

Measures and Me

"...with the measure you use it will be measured to you."

Jesus' teaching on hypocritically judging other people in Matthew 7 is a frequently quoted passage--it's often over-simplified to, "don't judge," so it may not be accurate to say it's a "well-known" passage. But I've read and heard this passage many times.

The irony is that one of my main thoughts is: "Yeah, those judgmental people better listen up! This passage is for them!"

To which the Spirit of God within me says, "Uhhhh. No. The passage is for you."

If I'm completely honest, the measure I use on other people is really, really, really strict. The measure I use on myself is often far more "lax" than it should be. We're told to examine ourselves to see if we're still in the faith. But I find myself masquerading as a spiritual practitioner who examines other people--almost always finding something to judge or inappropriately speculate about.

I don't want the kind of measure used on me that I use on others. The presence of humility and self-awareness combined with "up-front" grace with others that is freely given--without an examination beforehand--is something I desperately need the Spirit's help to acquire--what else is new.

By God's abundant grace, I can and will grow as a grace-giver to others who will judge--but only as one who has understood how grace has impacted my life and must shape the way I judge: not as a Pharisee but as a sinner saved by grace who is being shown in greater and greater measure what holiness looks like through Christ.

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